DILLION Family Genealogy-History

(Updated May 5, 2023)


Source of Name:
- Glenna Joanne (LEIPER) DILLION [0001] lists Virginia Irene (DILLION) KLINGENSMITH.
- Diane TYREE [0305] lists Virginia "Ginger" Irene (DILLION) KLINGENSMITH.
- Beth KLINGENSMITH [____] lists Virginia Irene (DILLION) KLINGENSMITH.
- Ohio Birth Index, 1908-2011 [0617] lists Virginia Irene DILLION.

Source of Birth Date:
- Ohio Birth Index, 1908-2011 [0617] lists September 16, 1922.

Source of Birth Place:
- Ohio Birth Index, 1908-2011 [0617] lists Ohio.

Source of Marriage Date:
- Howard DEYO:

Source of Marriage Place:
- Howard DEYO:

Source of Residence:
- Diane TYREE [0305] lists Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Source of Occupation:

Source of Death Date:

Source of Death Place:

Source: [____]

From: Beth Klingensmith [mailto:beth.klingensmith@doc.state.co.us]
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 2:14 PM
To: noillid2@columbus.rr.com
Subject: DILLION Website - Updates


My name is Beth KLingensmith and I live in COlorado Springs, CO. I see where my husband ("Jimmy") and mother in law (Virginia Irene Dillion Klingensmith) are on your website. I could probably fill in a little from that end if you would like - starting with the "correct" name of my husband, James David Klingensmith ;)

Great website - I have done VERY little on my husbands side of the family, mostly because they don't seem to be much interested, but I had gotten back to Wright Dillion, son of Aquilla (didn't know that!) on my own....

Let me know what you would like and I will try to get it from you on this end - by the by, my mother in law Virginia was married again (after David Klingensmith), but not to the person you have down....!!!

Colorado Springs

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