DILLION Family Genealogy-History

(Updated May 5, 2023)


Source of Name:
- Book [0012] lists Jesse DILLON.
- Internet Website [0013] lists Jesse DILLON.
- Internet Website [0279] lists Jesse DILLON.
- Internet Website [0470] lists Jesse DILLON.
- Sandy Griffith [0391] lists Jesse DILLION.

Source of Birth Date:
- Book [0012] lists 1749.
- Internet Website [0013] lists 1749.
- Internet Website [0279] lists 1749.

Source of Birth Place:
- Book [0012] lists Galway County, Ireland.
- Theda Mae DILLON MOORE [0011] lists ____.
- Internet Website [0013] lists Cumberland County, VA.
- Internet Website [0279] lists Cumberland County, Va.

Source of Marriage Date:
- Book [0012] lists his Death Date as 1833 which would mean that all the children were conceived and raised prior to marriage and Jesse died the same year they were married.
- Internet Website [0279] lists June 12, 1833.
- Internet Website [0470] lists "About 1776".

Source of Marriage Place:
- Book [0012] lists Chesterfield County, Virginia.
- Internet Website [0279] lists Franklin County, Va.

Source of Death Date:
- Book [0012] lists 1833.

Source of Death Place:

Source [0012]

"Jesse DILLON, born 1749, in Galway County, Ireland, married Mary Elizabeth Blankenship, and came to America about 1786, settling near Haleford. He died in 1833. His wife was born in 1759, and died in 1842. Both are buried near Cross Roads, and near the home of Thomas Holland and Dee DILLON. Jesse DILLON owned eleven hundred acres of land in the vicinity of Haleford and Cross Roads. At his death he owned eighteen slaves. He willed his land equally to his five sons.

Jesse DILLON and his wife had issue: 1 - Henry (Hal), 2 - Asa, 3 - Arthur, 4 - Jesse Jr., 5 - William, 6 - Delilah, 7 - Elizabeth, 8 - Martha, and 9 - Fanny."

Source [0011]

In a second response I received from Theda Mae DILLON MOORE, she wrote that she had proof that Jesse DILLON's father was James DILLON who came to Henry, Bedford and Franklin Counties (by formation of those counties) from Cumberland County, Virginia, United States. She went on to say she did not have James' father; but, had James' grandfather, William DILLON, who died in 1744 in Goochland County, Virginia. She thought (no proof) they were in New Kent County, which was a county the records were burned.


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