(NOT Hilliard Davidson!!!, NOT Hilliard Darby!!!, NOT Hilliard Bradley!!! NOT Hilliard, Florida!!!)
Class of 1972
Hilliard, Ohio

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30th Class Reunion Photos...
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The 30th Class Reunion started at 6:00 p.m. at the Hilliard American Legion Post #614 on August 3, 2002. There were a lot of smiles, laughter, hugging and shaking hands as each classmate arrived. They immediately started reminiscing about the old days and catching up with what's happened since the last reunion or the last time they had seen each other.

Most everyone arrived before the 7:15 p.m. class photo time when an announcement was made and all the classmates made their way outside. The photographer had setup chairs and bleachers for classmates to sit and stand on for the reunion photograph. After everyone was situated and the photographer had finished his camera setup, approximately 6 photos were taken. The class photo is taken early in the evening to utilize daylight and to give the photographer enough time to process the photos and bring them back before the end of the evening. Just before he took the last photo, he asked everyone who wanted a photo, to hold up their hand and then he took the photo. All he had to do then was count the up-held hands in the photo and he knew how many photos to process. I believe Barb Breckenridge and Sara Buckley were the only classmates who were at the reunion who didn't make it time for the photograph.

After the class photo everyone made their way back into the building to continue reminiscing and catching up. Janice cameron Koch stepped to the podium, made a few announcements, gave thanks to the reunion planning committee and other key people who had helped with the reunion, introduced D.J. Dave who played the tunes during the evening, and then asked Roger Cunningham and Ken Chase come to the podium.

Roger and Ken presented prizes to some lucky golfers who played earlier that day in the golf outing. Lee Durban, Mike Sayre, Tom Dillion won gift certificates to the Four Seasons Golf Center in Hilliard, and Wayne Farmer won a putter donated by Keith Haley.

After Roger and Ken were done presenting the golf prizes, Janice asked Frank Luchsinger to come to the podium. Frank asked for the Lord's blessing for the reunion. Then he paid tribute to each of our departed classmates displayed on the Memorial board. He ended by having everyone take a moment of silence in respect of our departed classmates.

Next was dinner time. Everyone made their way through the buffet and refreshment lines as they listened to the music. Then they found available seats with old friends, so they could eat and continue talking with each other. Many came away from this reunion stating that they had spoken with classmates they had never spoken with before, so new friendships were made as well. Everyone talked with everyone. It was great! The food and the refreshments were very delicious.

After dinner D.J. Dave cranked up the music a little and started playing songs that people would dance to. He had played several that garnered a few dancers, mostly the ladies. A sort of Stroll type dance evolved which brought out some of the guys. Then the Snowball dance was suggested which brought even more people out on the dance floor. That lead into the Locomotion which was lead by Alan Hemsworth and caboosed by Wayne Farmer around the room and picked up more dancers as it trained by. The train ended up back on the dance floor where a circle was formed for the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance. The dancing continued until D.J. Dave played the last song at midnight. Much fun was had by all the dancers.

The evening lasted until 1:00 a.m. when those who were still in attendance helped clean the banquet room. At 1:30 a.m. Doug Koch had the sad job of turning off the lights and closing the room. Six of us moved on to the standard Hilliard hang-out, Oties, and ended the reunion at 3:00 a.m.

Many thanks go to the Reunion Planning Committee for all their efforts in organizing the reunion. Thanks go to Doug Koch, Janice Cameron Koch, Ken Chase and Liz Chase for all the work they have done for the Hilliard American Legion Post #614 to get the reunion banquet room. Thanks go to the photographer. Thanks go to Susie Vest for mixing some mighty fine refreshments. Thanks go to Liz Maxwell and her sister Mary for catering a very delicious dinner. Thanks go to D.J. Dave and his lovely assistant for playing some great tunes. Thanks go to Bobbie Rae Murphy, Nancy Plunkett Todd and Barb Breckenridge Bloxam for collecting money for the 50/50 drawing. Extra special thanks go to the 50/50 winner, Tom Hayhurst, for donating his entire winnings back for future reunions. Thanks to Frank Luchsinger for asking the Lord's blessing for the reunion and for paying tribute to our departed classmates. Thanks go to Tim and Margie Baker for re-creating the memorial board of photos of our departed classmates. Thanks go to Keith Haley for his donation of a putter and to Four Seasons Golf Center for their donation of four gift certificates. And, last but definitely not least, thanks to everyone who attended this 30th Class Reunion. You made it the best we've ever had! We are still loyal and true: the Class of '72!!!