FEBRUARY 15-26, 2012

(Updated April 13, 2016)

"WHO'S ONBOARD for the MEET and GREET..."

Who's Onboard - PDF File



You are invited to the following:

What: "UUAUCCMNG" (Unofficial, Unsanctioned, and Unauthorized Cruise Critic Meet N' Greet)
When: Wednesday, February 15th, Right After Sail Away!
Where: Topsiders Bar (located Poolside at the Oasis Pool, Deck 12)

For those that would like to get together and have a toast to the upcoming 11 days of fun!


You are also invited to the following:

What: "Cruise Critic Meet and Greet"
When: Thursday, February 16th, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Where: Star Bar (located Midship, Deck 13)

Dennise Yurcho will bring name tags and markers for everyone to write their name and screen name.

Gift Exchange:

- Each cabin that is attending should bring one gift. Dont worry about the kids.

- Gifts should be a maximum of $20 and should do its best to represent where you are from,
   i.e. country or state.

- Remember this is entirely optional. If you bring, you will receive.

- Dennise will have some extra blank paper that we will put numbers on and draw out of a hat.
   (So someone needs to wear a hat )

Cheryl and Tom (Noillid2) Dillion
from Columbus, Ohio

KT and Bill Uttley
from Hilliard, Ohio

Sue and Mike Carroll
from Hilliard, Ohio

Doug Pooler
Leslie Hedge

from Hilliard, Ohio

Nancy and Gary Collier
from Powell, Ohio

Pat (Dr. Jack Daniels) and Lynn Seely
from Sterling Heights, Michigan

Al (hillbilly73) and Crystal
from Kansas City, Missouri

Maryse (belmat87) and Stéphane
from Montréal, QC, Canada

George and Dennise (Tiggerfan616)
and Nick Yurcho

from Roebling, New Jersey

MaryAlice (FrmCapeCod) and Bill
from Bourne, MA

Jo and John Wiltse (bubbachief)
from Seattle, WA

Judi and Fred (fjcolmol)
Aka. Hootie and Infared
from Reidsville, NC

Jim and Mary Pollock (Hoofpics)
from Kansas City, KS

Linda and Kevin Sim (scotnadian)
from Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Barry (Cruisebuddy) and Amy
from Boston, MA

Terry Beardsley and Linda Lewis (LL)
from Spokane, WA

Gizella Fekete (Nagymama)
and Gizella Viola

from Thornhill, Ontario Canada

June and Doug (dougnjune)
from Rochester, MI

Danny, Jack and Pamela (PjStar)
from Seattle, WA

Bob and Kim (Kimpamo)
from Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada

Mary Kathryn (Tinkgal67), Jennifer and Kyle
from Webster, NY

Sven (chiemseecruiser) and Stefan
from Bavaria, Germany

Bob, Peter and Nadine (mrsthys)
from Burlington, MA

Bruno (ArthurRimbaud), Micheline, Marc-André, and Pierre
from Montreal, Canada

Dave (redmanc) and Carol
from Manchester, England

(no photo yet)

(Mutt & Jeff)
from Upstate NY via Martha's Grape

(no photo yet)

Tommy Plante (inlinesick)
from Montreal, Canada

(no photo yet)

(Mommy oooo)
from Braintree, MA

(no photo yet)

Janet and Gordon Brewin (Kitchen Sink)
from SW London, England

(no photo yet)

Larry and Liz (flaretgolfer)
from Homestead, Florida

(no photo yet)


(no photo yet)

from Cincinnati, OH

(no photo yet)

Wayne and Donna (yankcanuck)
from Wisconsin

(no photo yet)

Kathy and Jim (jeandke)
along with Kitty and Mike

from Minnesota

(no photo yet)

(Two Texans)
from Texas

(no photo yet)

(Watertown Wanderer)

(no photo yet)

from Missouri

(no photo yet)

Dorothy and Deb (Sunnyweather)
from Sault Ste. Marie, ON

(no photo yet)


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