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(Updated May 5, 2023)


Welcome to the Dillion Family Genealogy-History. This website was created for several reasons: to have fun, to meet new family and friends, to find my ancestors, to help others search for the same ancestors, to show my family genealogy, and most of all, for my children and family, so they will know what family brought them to this place on this earth. This website was not created to take the place of existing websites. I sincerely hope you enjoy what you find here...

It had been quite a while since my genealogy website was on the internet. In 2005, a researcher emailed me and told me my genealogy website was a disservice to the genealogy community. As a result, I removed my genealogy website from the internet. Maybe it was a good thing because I had lost interest in my genealogy. Since 2005 though, my interest in my genealogy slowly came back. There are plenty of new important family events (stories, births, marriages, deaths, etc.) that need to be added to my genealogy (my father's death on February 6, 2010 being one of those important events). In 2014 I felt it was a disservice not having my genealogy website on the internet, so it's back. A lot has changed since 2005 on the internet. Some researchers I worked with, also lost interest in their genealogy. Some have sadly passed away. New genealogy resources now exist. New social mediums have been created. I retired on May 2, 2014, so I now have more time to spend on my genealogy, research, and this website. Please check back often and look for continual updates and improvemnets!

The following subjects are available on this website:

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The surnames I am mainly researching are DILLION and DILLON.


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