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(Updated March 7, 2022)


BALL, George W.
Individual Data

Unknown Newspaper


G.W. Balls, a Soldier who Marched with Sherman from Atlanta to the Sea Dies Suddenly of Heart Disease.

The northern part of the city was thrown into a fever of excitement yesterday noon by the sudden demise of George W. Balls, an old soldier, who was overcome by heart disease while at work on the rear end of the lot of Mr. Charles Gordon on North Chillicothe Street. Mr. Ball had just commenced the work of removing a small peach tree which had started its growth under a fence, Mr. Gordon wishing it removed to another part of the lot. He was smoking a pipe and talking to Mr. Gordon in regard to the removal having already thrown out two or three shovels full of earth, when suddenly the pipe fell from his lips, his muscles gained a high tension, his eyes rolled and letting go of the shovel he fell backward.

Mr. Gordon at once called for help which was responded to by numerous neighbors but their willing assistance was of no use as the old soldier had gone to the great beyond. Dr. Mattoon was called but only a slight examination proved his death resulted from the disease mentioned. The remains were then tenderly carried to his late home on Converse Avenue and given into the care of Robinson & Ketch who prepared it for burial.

Mr. Ball leaves a wife and two sons, Abraham and David, who have reached their maturity. His age was 63 years and during the war he served the country for one hundred days as a member of Co. E, 155th Ohio Infantry, afterward joining Co. A, 33rd O.V.I., and arrived at Atlanta just in time to be a member of the grand army which marched with Sherman from "Atlanta to the Sea." He did good service in giving to our country the peace and prosperity which we now enjoy and more he was a good, quiet citizen.


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