DILLION Family Genealogy-History

(Updated March 7, 2022)


GRABILL, Jacob Hest
Individual Data

Unknown Newspaper
May 1911

Jacob Hest, son of Joseph and Polly Jane Grabill, was born near Gillivan, Ohio, January 2, 1872, and died at home in London, Ohio, May 28, 1911.

Cut off in the bloom of young manhood he has answered the summons of the impartial messenger and departed into that Bourne from which no traveler returns.

While at no time in life in perfect health, he was always patient, always disposed to look on the bright side of life, and was never thoughtful of the claims and comforts of others especially of those less fortunate than himself.

A few days before his departure he said to his mother: "I am trusting in the Lord," and expressed his readiness for death, stating at the same time that it grieved him to part from his loved ones.

On Sunday morning, at 10:35 o'clock, his spirit winged its flight into its future home, and Jacob's patient, self-sacrificing life on earth was ended.

"Still hope and trust: the rod must fall, the wine press must be trod, but all is possible with God."

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